UK Ancestry Visa

Would you like to live in the UK for five years or longer with full work rights? How would you like to obtain permanent residency? UK citizenship? If you’re willing to work in the UK – consider applying for a UK Ancestry Visa.

Aussies in the UK

Move to the UK in 4 steps.

We’re a family of four (mum, dad and two teenage kids) who relocated from one side of the world to the other.

We moved from the Gold Coast in Australia to Glasgow in Scotland on a UK Ancestry Visa.

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    Flip things

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    Get to the UK

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    Establish yourself

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We gave up our jobs, applied for a visa, sold 99% of our possessions, bought one-way plane tickets and said our goodbyes to loved ones.

We arrived in Scotland in September 2016 with nothing more than two suitcases each. And, although we only had limited savings and no jobs lined up – we did have a grand plan (and many back-up plans) based on internet research, word-of-mouth recommendations and a whole lot of faith in our future.

In our first month we established ourselves in a beautiful neighbourhood, secured full-time employment and enrolled our children into one of Scotland’s best schools.

We’re now living our dream. A dream we’ve shared for nearly 20 years. We’re well on our way to giving our children an amazing start to their lives. It is our belief that the relocation will open their eyes, hearts and minds to experiences and opportunities that may not have been available to them otherwise.

  • Do you dream of moving overseas?
  • Have you emigrated yourself?

Or, do you shake your head and wonder why anybody would throw caution to the wind and give up a well-established lifestyle only to start out again from scratch?

Does this sound like something you’d like to do?

Or, does the thought of doing something like this scare the shit out of you?

Either way, we think you’ll enjoy reading about our adventures.

Flip Things

  • After deciding to live somewhere new – work out how much money you need.
  • Raise money by spending less, earning more and selling stuff.
  • Decide which of your possessions you are going to trash (sell or gift to others) or treasure (take with you, send over later or store in case you return).

Get to the UK

  • Moving from Australia to the UK to live permanently is easiest if you can get citizenship from your parents or spouse or get a UK Ancestry Visa.
  • You can then live and work without too many restrictions on your path to obtaining UK citizenship (if that is your goal).
  • Otherwise there are other visa options for Aussies to get across temporarily or permanently (eventually).
  • Get a UK Ancestry Visa – what we did.
  • Get ready to go by tidying up your affairs in Australia.
  • You need to plan and have a checklist of what you need when you get to the other side.
  • Understand what you are getting yourself into and how to prepare for the differences in laws, local customs and lifestyle.
  • Close up shop in Australia.
  • Fly across the world.

Establish yourself

  • Do the legal things first!
  • Get a permanent address.
  • Enrol in school/training/education.
  • Get a job. Volunteer.
  • Manage the risks and deal with the challenges.


  • Enjoy your new life.
  • Work, rest and play with new friends.
  • Remember why you moved over (what you were excited for in the UK).
  • Remember why you left (what you were tired of in Australia).

Dream it. Dare it. Do it.

Dare to Done is a useful and fun family website where we share information and our experiences while on our quest to become dual UK-Australian citizens.

We love Australia but we also love the idea of being global citizens in the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

If you’re looking at doing the same thing then we’ll do our best to make your experience a little bit easier by sharing our ups and downs and our learnings along the way.

It’s no mean feat but we’re going to prove that it can be done by mere mortals.

Don’t wait to live your dream. Dare yourself and do it now!

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