UK Ancestry Visa: Live and work in the UK for at least 5 years


Would you like to live in the UK for five years or longer with full work rights? How would you like to obtain permanent residency? UK citizenship? If you’re willing to work in the UK – consider applying for a UK Ancestry Visa. Unlike a 6-month working visa that you can only get once, and only if you’re under 30 – the UK Ancestry Visa offers so much more.

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Volunteering in Glasgow (Unpaid Opportunities)


Working for a pay packet isn’t the only option when living overseas. Volunteer and spend some of your time helping others. Perform some unpaid work experience to improve your future career prospects.

Here’s some opportunities to expand your horizons and feel good about yourself and life…

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Working and tax in the UK


Make your move to the UK less stressful by knowing what you can expect when you arrive. For one, don’t expect to earn as much as you do in Australia. In most cases, you’ll earn between 50% and 80% less than you’re used to. But, apparently the cost of living is reasonable (especially in Scotland) and people manage to survive.

  • Most full-time jobs pay about £15,000 – £20,000 a year – usually paid monthly. In Aussie dollars, that’s about $30,000 to $40,000 a year (based on a $1 AUD equalling £2 GBP).

How desperate are you to get a job ASAP after arriving? Can you afford to live without income for two months or longer? Can you hold out until you get a ‘good’ job or do you need to get a ‘good enough’ job ASAP? Even 15 hours a week can make your savings last longer and mean the difference between good health and scurvy.

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Aussies in Scotland: Moving to Edinburgh or Glasgow?

Edinburgh Glasgow Scotland

I thought moving to the UK would be a little bit similar to moving to Australia, given that our legal system and cultural norms sprouted off the UK, following colonisation. I also knew that it would be more complicated than I first anticipated. But, the more I try and simplify things in my head, the more complicated it becomes.

It could just be because we have to choose an area to live in for our UK Ancestry Visa application in a few days. My head is spinning and my heart is pounding, hoping we choose an area the kids will enjoy living in for at least a year or two while they settle into school. Our feelings matter too, but not as much. Anybody who has teenage children will understand that if your kids are miserable your life will be too, by default.

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Living in South Glasgow, Scotland: Commuting, Renting & Schooling


We’re currently scoping where to live in South Glasgow; primarily driven by our desire to be within walking distance or a reasonable train commute (no more than 30mins and not too costly) to:

  • Glasgow Clyde College – Langside campus – for our 17 yo to undertake the NC Acting and Performance course.
  • Shawlands Academy, King’s Park Secondary School or Hillpark Secondary School – for our 14 yo to attend a non-denominational, state (free) secondary school.
  • Glasgow City or East Kilbride for work opportunities.

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Schooling in Scotland


Schooling in Scotland is quite different to Australia…actually totally confusing for newbies.

In Australia…

  • We currently have two boys in year 8 and year 11 in a Queensland high school. When we leave in mid-September, our sons would have completed the first 3/4 of their school year.
  • The school year goes from January 2016 to December 2016.
  • When we leave in mid-September, the boys would have completed 3/4 of their year – year 8 and year 11.
  • The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) specifies standards.

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